Arts & Arts Education in Arizona
since 1978

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The arts play a crucial role in all our lives. This is why the Scottsdale League for the Arts is dedicated to supporting the arts and art education programs throughout the Valley of the Sun. The League raises funds for the arts by hosting social events throughout the year. 100% of net event proceeds are donated to a wide range of non-profit arts organizations through the League s grants program.

The primary source of grant funding is raised through the League s signature event, the Scottsdale Culinary Festival-TM. The festival is held annually for one week in April and offers a variety of culinary experiences from the ultra-chic to casual. It has become a premier culinary event that attracts more than 30,000 people each year.


Click here to access the 2015-16 Grants Application.

Application Guidelines are available here.

The deadline to submit the completed application and all necessary paperwork for 2015-16 grant consideration is Friday, August 7th at 5pm. The application cannot be saved for future access. We recommend filling out the answers in a MS Word document and copying them over for ease and security. Grantees will be announced in September.

Each summer Scottsdale League for the Arts donates 100% of net proceeds from the previous year s events through its grants program. These donations help fund a wide variety of non-profit arts organizations including art education programs, professional performing arts groups, children s theatre and much more. The League has donated more than $4 million to the arts and art education programs in Arizona.


The Scottsdale Culinary Festival relies on community support for success. Volunteering is a fun, organized experience and many of our volunteers return year after year.

Get involved with the Scottsdale League for the Arts! For membership information, click here. To volunteer, please visit the Scottsdale Culinary Festival website in starting in January and look for the volunteer link. Thanks for supporting the arts.